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Arriving At HostingCon 2009

Posted by hosttycoon On August - 9 - 2009

hosting-con-2009-signWe will publish this years HostingCon 2009 as we see it in pictures. The first series has been shot only an hour when we arrived in Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. It is brand new facility which has an impressive architecture. There is plenty of space in convention center and it looks like everything is very well organized. The exhibition will take place on the 2nd and 3rd days of the conference. The first day promises very interesting sessions and keynotes.

The first section to picture on the opening day of the con is “Step by Step Ways to Increase your Sales and Decrease Costs”. After 10 am we will try to show the session “Cost-Cutting Strategies for Web Hosts” in pictures.


Gaylord shot from the water.

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A Guide for the HostingCon. Find which way to go.

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A sign of the Gaylord national resort.

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In front of the exhibition hall.

Cloud Camp Paris

Posted by hosttycoon On June - 13 - 2009

cloud-camp-parisCloud camp in Paris was well-organized and useful event. We suggest you to visit CloudCamp.com website and to consider attending any future events. If you are new to Cloud computing Cloud Camps will help you to understand it. If you are familiar with the major transformation in computing technologies you will have a chance for networking and meeting prospective partners and probably to find customers.

Among the sponsors of the event were Sun, A-Servers, Right Scale and Orange. Their presentations were interesting even that some of the speakers thesis confronted to each other. The most interesting part wads the unconference part some panelists has been chosen from the audience to moderate different discussions.


Eric Bezille prepares for the opening of Clod Camp, while some of the conference participants enter the hall.

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Josh from Right Scale

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Presentation of Eric Bezille from Sun

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Dave Nielsen, the founder of Cloud Camp is inviting facilitators.

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Dave Nielsen speaking.

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Josh Fraser, Righ Scale

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how-to-make-money-on-the-cloud“How to make money on the Cloud” list?

Pictures From WebHostingDay

Posted by hosttycoon On March - 19 - 2009

webhostingday2009B10WH.com brings you to WebhostingDay 2009 conference and expo, that took place in Cologne between March 17 and march 20, 2009. Web Hosting Day is the Europe’s premier web hosting industry gathering. This year it was a very busy and perfectly organized. But let’s see the pictures.


A Slot Machine By Parallels


Intel’s Enterprise Marketing Director Shannon Poulin speaking during the keynote “Energy Efficient Servers For Evolving Hosting Architectures”.


“Virtualization Revolution”


Intel’s Vision


InternetX, one of the biggest Domain registrars in Europe came u with a very nice commercial.


Outsourced customer support services with Server Bees




Parallels Booth