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Posted by hosttycoon On February - 23 - 2009

Cloud (Cloud Computing or Cloud Hosting) services are produced and delivered through a networking model of computing systems. Cloud has emerged from compute clusters. In today’s IT industry “Cloud” is a very much a buzzword, often used without a reference to any technology. Consumers, providers and marketeers just call storage, web hosting and data centers “Cloud”. However, Cloud Computing service is one delivered from a virtualized computing cluster in which the data processing is physically separated from data storage.

The minimum service provided by Cloud Service providers is a single virtualized computer instance (Cloud VM or Cloud server), which resides on a cluster of physical hosts, while the storage used as part of the service is located on a separate Storage Area Network or any kind of external storage system.



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HCE - Cloud Servers & Web Hosting HCE provisions VMware powered High Availability Cloud Servers (also called Public Clouds) for hosting websites and applications which require increased service availability. The High Availability (HA) is an uniform, cost-effective failover protection against service downtime caused by a hardware or an Operating System (OS) failure. The HA service monitors your Cloud Servers hosted on HCE, VMware powered infrastructure, to detect a failure on the underlying physical hosts or any Operating System (OS) failures inside your Cloud VM. If an outage is detected, the HA restarts your Cloud Server and operations resume automatically. All services that run on the cloud server return online. There is not need to reboot the server manually. HCE also offers Private Cloud instances, Hybrid Cloud infrastructure and custom build Dedicated Cloud IaaS in various data centers across Europe. The company uses Equinix data center ecosystem as well as operates its own IT Colocation and virtual data centers in 17 European cities – Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Paris, Athens, Bratislava, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Prague, Luxembourg, Oslo, Sofia, Tbilisi, Vienna and Zaragoza.

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Host Color delivers three types of Cloud Server Hosting services – Public Cloud Servers, Private Cloud and Hybrid Clouds from its our Midwestern U.S. data center, based out of South Bend, Indiana (90 miles from Chicago). Clients data is hosted on a Storage Area Network (SAN) with built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact. All Clouds feature High Availability (HA) as an add-on service. It reduces service outage in case of failure of the Operating System or in case of downtime on the physical host (the infrastructure). Host Color Cloud (HCC) also offers a service called Automated Fault-Tolerance, which eliminates completely the risk of a service outage. It provides continuous availability for our client’s Cloud servers & Applications.%). HCC clients also take advantage from our fully-redundant network – AS46873 – 100% uptime, SLA guarantee is connected to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Retn,net and 70 other international and North American networks.

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RAX is a VMware VSPP. RAX Cloud is one of the most reliable Cloud computing infrastructures in Europe. All Pubic Clouds of RAX feature High Availability (HA) by default, at no additional cost. HA increases IT service availability and reduces application downtime by providing an uniform, cost-effective failover protection against any outage caused by a hardware or an Operating System (OS) failure. All Cloud accounts could also activate a services called Automated Fault Tolerance (AFT) which provides continuous availability for applications in an event of cloud server failure. AFT creates a live shadow Cloud server (Failover Cloud Virtual Machine), which is synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one. In an event of a hardware outage, the AFT automatically starts the failover Cloud VM, ensuring zero downtime and preventing data loss. RAX Virtual Data Center is located inside Equinix IT facility, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. The facility features fault-tolerant site infrastructure and 99.995% availability. RAX Cloud services feature premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24/7/365 onsite NOC management support.

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