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Nikhil Of Admin-Ahead: Think Big, Start Small

Nikhil is an entrepreneur and owner of Admin Ahead, a company that does remote system, technical support and network administration. He also runs few other brands and companies that develop applications and provide various services to dot-com businesses. I met him during HostingCon 2010 in San Diego. We didn’t talk much about business, as we got together in […]

Aaron Philips: cPanel Has The Ability To Drive New Business

I met Aaron Philips at HostingCon 2009. Since then I have seen him in action as Vice President of Operations of cPanel Inc. On my humble opinion he is a strong business leader, who is very focused on achieving goals and to succeeding in business. I have seen him helping to startups which have good products […]

Keith Duncan of Ping! Zine: I’m Always Looking To Do Better

Keith Duncan is a publisher of the longest running print magazine in the hosting industry – Ping! Zine. I know him from one of the web hosting conferences I attended, I don’t remember which one actually. He looks serious, but at the same time is an easygoing guy, who takes time to talk to anyone, during those […]

Pulkit Gupta: Softaculous Helps Many People. We Learn From Them

I met Pulkit Gupta at HostingCon 2011 in San Diego. I did’n have too much time to get to know him there, but at some point I decided that his Softaculous is not just a very interesting product, but it is a success story. At the time Softaculous was released there were at least one more […]

Thomas Strohe: WorldHosting Days Is The World’s Biggest Hosting Event

This is B10WH’s second in interview with Mr. Thomas Strohe, the man behind WordHosting Days show. Last year he has spoken to Dimitar to tell B10WH.com readers that “Everything Is More In WebHostingDay 2010“. This year we have contacted Mr. Strohe to ask him what to expect from the completely rebranded WordHosting Days event which […]

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  Managed Web Hosting by HostColor.com

This is a service with technical and system administration and support of all Open SOurces software applications installed on the client's web hosting account. This includes HTML code auditing, CMS support and iprrovements as well as all the work required to maitain a W3C compliant website.

  Europe Dedicated Hosting by HCE

We provision Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers and Virtualization-ready servers, including VMware ESXi, Windows Server and Linux Dedicated servers in 17 European cities - Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Paris, Athens, Bratislava, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Prague, Luxembourg, Oslo, Sofia, Tbilisi, Vienna and Zaragoza.