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cPanel Conference – The Exhibitors

Posted by hosttycoon On October - 6 - 2009

I went to the exhibition hall (it is actually a lobby of the Hilton hotel on the 4th floor) at 8 am. So I’ve shot some of the exhibitors preparing their booths.


The cPanel conference schedule, October 6th, 2009

eric-of-cpanel-on-the-registration-deskEric of cPanel at the registration desk.

opensrs-preparing-the-boothAn OpenSRS representative prepares the company’s booth for the show.

bobcares-booth-cpanel-conferenceBobCares – The Outsources support company, that become popular within the last year.

centos-booth-cpanel-conferenceKaranbir Singh, in front of CeontOS booth, during the cPanel conference. I’ll show this guy in a separate image, because he’s important for the Linux community.

codero-the-new-name-of-aplus-cpanel-conferenceCodero, the new brand of Aplus in dedicated hosting. The rumors send Aplus trademark out of the business.

servertune-booth-cpanel-conferenceI talked to the guys from ServerTune (A Minesota based company) at the networking event. They re cool.

visitors-of-the-globalsign-boothSome people at GlobalSign’s booth, early in the morning.

the-planets-booth-cpanel-conferenceThe Panet in their home city.

cPanel Conference 2009. The Day Before

Posted by hosttycoon On October - 5 - 2009

It is October 5th, the day before the official cPanel 2009 conference to start and most of the attendees haven’t arrived yet. I’ve got to Houston on Sunday (October 4th) after a 10-hour flight from London. So I was here the day before and today made some shots at the registration area.

The first impression you get from the cPanel con is from the Hilton Americas hotel where the conference holds. It is a very good facility, not that big as the Gaylord National Resort where the HostingCon 2009 held, but at the same time very comfortable.

There is plenty of space, and you don’t need to walk half a mile from the hotel area to the business and convention center. It is not like in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas where anyone needs half an hour to get from the conference area to the hotel room… if they have a chance to get there at all… the road to the room passes the casino.


cPanel staff welcomes the registrants.

cpanel-con-october-5-2009-at-the-reception-2The reception desk

cpanle-con-october-5-2009-at-the-receptionServing attendees.

cpanel-conference-october-5-2009-the-conference-bagThe cPanel 2009 Conference bag.

cpanel-conference-october-5-2009-gift-store-1The gift store. cPanel has a interesting method to stimulate the participant to conference to attend the sessions. They introduced a their own “money”. Everyone who registers for the con gets 40 of them. Registrants earn more money when attending to sessions and at the end they can purchase goods from the store.

cpanel-conference-october-5-2009-gift-storecPanel gift store list

cpanel-con-october-5-2009-aaron-philips-left-talks-to-exhibitorsAaron Philips (left) talks to exhibitors in front of VPS.net booth.

houston-downtown-view-from-the-hilton-americas-roomNice view from the 8th floor of the Hilton Americas hotel in Houston. You can see part of the city center. The “Houston Toyota Center” (not on the picture), where Rockets play their games is just next to the hotel.

HostingCon 2009: Inside The Exhibition Hall

Posted by hosttycoon On August - 18 - 2009

This year’s exhibition hall of the HostingCon was smaller compared to the one that hosted exhibitors previous year, but most attendees said that it was more convenient. We have spoken to many of the exhibitors you can see below and all of them said they are very satisfied of the way HostingCon 2009 was organized. Most said that the conference was successful for them and they had a good business during the exhibition days – August 11 and 12. One of the biggest exhibitors were Softlayer, Parallels, cPanel and Microsoft. TheWHIR sponsored the networking lounge inside the exhibition hall. If there were are competition for a booth design Parallels would probably win. 2CheckOut, a provide or payment services fro web hosts in countries with undeveloped dot-com economies was on the show and I was surprised of this. But the company has specialized in providing payment solutions for the web hosting industry.


Aflexi – collaborative CDN software producer.

– – –


The guys from BackupAgent.

– – –


The famous Web Hosting Talk.

– – –


Realtime Register – Dutch Domain registrar that offers nice prices on general TLD’s and on European domain names.

– – –


The booth of HostingControler.

– – –


The booth of HostingControler.

– – –


Hosting Panama, a good place for outsourcing.

– – –


SpamExperts, another Dutch company. Dutch dot-com businesses have one of the best designed booths at the show.

– – –


Steadfast staff at the company’s booth. We have never heard of this web host, but decided to take a picture of its booth because of the catchy green color.

– – –


Trustwave, a company that provides SSl certificates and other e-commerce products.

– – –


DemoWolf, the most popular provider of tutorials for the web hosting industry.

– – –


Ping!Zine, the longest running print magazine in web hosting industry.

– – –


Teresa and Alisa from VeriSign.

– – –


The 2Checkout booth at the con.

– – –


Keith Dunkan, the publisher of Ping!Zine and Dimitar Avramov, the CEO of SingleOS.

– – –


Parallels, the only web hosting events you can not see them are those organized by their competitors.

– – –


cPanel, the most popular web hosting control panel was one of the featured exhibitors at the HostingCon 2009.

– – –


The guys from DotNetPanel, a Windows web hosting control panel.

– – –

HostingCon 2009: More Pictures From The Hosting Conference

Posted by hosttycoon On August - 18 - 2009

No excuses, but I didn’t make too many pictures from this years HostingCon 2009. The reason was that I needed to attend to some business meeting and didn’t have time to shoot around. However I has some spare time on August 12 and tried to picture the conference. here are the results.


The next HostingCon – 2010 will take place in Austin, Texas. The even has a growing popularity. On of the good reasons for this is the excellent job of the iNet Interactive’s team.

– – –


– – –


The media partners of the conference.

– – –


The Gaylord Resort and Convention Center (I agree funny name for a hotel) obviously uses Windows Server. This screen provides the question to the answer why Linux hosting is better than Windows.

– – –


– – –

David Snead, a lawyer who has 15 years experience in the web hosting industry and Jeff Gordon hold the session “How To Respond To Legal Threats To Your Business?” See more about the keynote at Daw Web Hosting Blog.

– – –


– – –

A few of the senior members of the Parallels team, during an informal meeting.

– – –


– – –

In the lobby, during the launch break.

– – –


– – –

The main hall.

– – –


The desk in the main hall.

– – –


Gaylord Resort, view to the atrium.

– – –

Arriving At HostingCon 2009

Posted by hosttycoon On August - 9 - 2009

hosting-con-2009-signWe will publish this years HostingCon 2009 as we see it in pictures. The first series has been shot only an hour when we arrived in Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. It is brand new facility which has an impressive architecture. There is plenty of space in convention center and it looks like everything is very well organized. The exhibition will take place on the 2nd and 3rd days of the conference. The first day promises very interesting sessions and keynotes.

The first section to picture on the opening day of the con is “Step by Step Ways to Increase your Sales and Decrease Costs”. After 10 am we will try to show the session “Cost-Cutting Strategies for Web Hosts” in pictures.


Gaylord shot from the water.

– – –


A Guide for the HostingCon. Find which way to go.

– – –


A sign of the Gaylord national resort.

– – –


In front of the exhibition hall.