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Data Center Market in Europe Paper Announced Ny ResearchAndMarkets.com

Posted by hosttycoon On December - 28 - 2016

ResearchAndMarkets.com announced the release of additional research papers to its “Data Center Market in Europe 2016-2020” report. It reflects on Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), which is considered as the latest trend in the data center services market.

A SDDC refers to a data center where infrastructure is delivered as a service (IaaS) through virtualization of physical computing infrastructure. In other words the physical hardware infrastructure is managed through intelligent software systems.

Software defined data centers supports both the traditional model of physical IT colocation (now called “legacy applications”) and Cloud computing setups. On paper, SDDC improves dat center service efficiency, optimizes costs to a certain level, allows companies to provision applications and computing environments very fast, enables services such as High Availability and Failover and creates virtualized computing environments which allow companies to move their workloads in the Cloud.

The “Data Center Market in Europe 2016-2020” reports says that the number of data center construction “is growing in European countries not only because of the favorable environmental conditions for data center operations”. The analysts found out that “The growth is also aided by the demand for enterprise businesses to operate business through cloud platforms and the increased need for colocation services in the region”.

ResearchAndMarkets.com report also suggests that the demand for Cloud-based services is increasing among enterprises in Europe and that “the complexities associated with business applications have increased because of the enormous growth in data volumes, something that has triggered an increase in the need for construction and renovation of data centers in this region”.

European Data Center Market To Grow By 10% by 2020

The reports projects that the data center market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% form 2016 to 2020. The report covers the existing scenarios and the growth prospects of the European data center market for until 2020. ResearchAndMarkets.com calculates the market size by considering factors such as the revenue generated from the capital expenditure of IT equipment, power management systems, cooling solutions, general construction, racks, security and data center infrastructure management. It covers the market landscape and the growth prospects over the coming years. There is a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market such as: Equinix, Interxion, Colt Technology Services, Digital Realty, Global Switch, Interoute, NTT Communications.

The report is available on web address http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/xqq229/data_center. A single user Electronic PDF costs $2,500.

Microsoft Says It Was Too Aggressive In Pushing For Windows 10 Upgrade

Posted by hosttycoon On December - 24 - 2016

Microsoft has recently acknowledged that it has gone too far in its aggressive pushing customers with Windows 10 installer. This involved the Get Windows 10 app, which came under heavy criticism for its lack of flexibility.

Microsoft Harassed Own Customers With Windows 10 Upgrade?

Windows OS users used to have a choice to decline the update but with Windows 10 upgrade notifications have become more frequent and users were unable to prevent them popping up if when they intentionally wanted to close the program. The Windows user harassment came to a point when the “X” button no longer worked for many users. Ironically those who have somehow managed to use the button have eventually found out that their Windows OS got upgraded.

The Apology?

Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela was forced to admit that the company was extremely pushy on Windows 10 upgrade. He said that the Microsoft was “too aggressive in pushing out the Windows 10 free upgrade”.

“We know we want people to be running Windows 10 from a security perspective, etcetera, but finding that right balance where you’re not stepping over the line of being too aggressive is something we tried, and for a lot of the year I think we got it right”, he said and added that “There was one particular moment … where the red X in the dialog box, which typically means … cancel, didn’t mean cancel”.

Capossela has also explained that “Within a couple of hours of that hitting the world, with the listening systems we have, we knew that we had gone too far”. It took some time to Microsoft developers to release a new update.

Is Windows 10 Good?

Many IT news websites give Windows 10 four or even five stars rating (our of possible 5 stars) and promote it as “probably the best Windows OS launched ever”. It offers performance improvements and better security features than the previous OS versions. This according to Microsoft was the main reason to force its customers to upgrade to 10 and that’s why Windows 10 upgrade was offered for free for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.

However, many users have decided against Windows 10 upgrade and many who upgraded to this OS opt to return their computer systems to previous OS due to a number of controversial features in version 10. There have been a lot of complaints that Windows 10 is overwhelming users with ads promoting Microsoft products such as Microsoft Edge browser.

Three Microsoft Failures Related To Windows 10

1. Microsoft year long inability to come up with a hassle-free Windows 10 upgrade.

2. A result of Windows 10 anniversary update for many users was that their personal computers did not re-start. Microsoft responded with an advise for a “clean install”.

3. It took the software giant 4 months to fix a bug in Windows 10 update that shut down network connections for many users in the UK.


New Faster SSDs On WiredTree Managed Dedicated Servers

Posted by hosttycoon On July - 20 - 2015

Managed hosting provider WiredTree announced new faster SSD storage on its dedicated hosting services. The web host said it made the high-speed SSDs available as standard with all new dedicated servers. It is also introducing optional enhanced SSD storage with write performance characteristics an order of magnitude faster than standard drives.

wiredthree-managed-servers“As a hosting company, we want our clients to have access to the best, the fastest, and the most advanced server technology on the market. They depend on our technology to support their sites and businesses, and part the reason we are so trusted by our clients is their knowledge that they’ll always have the server components and support they need to stay competitive”, says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree.

WiredTree said it will replace the current Intel S3500 drives with Intel S3510 SSD drives for all new dedicated server hosting contracts and SSD storage volumes. According to the web host the Intel S3510 SSD drives write up to 500 MB/s and read up to 460 MB/s.

The company said it will also offer optional upgrades to Intel S3610 and Intel S3710 drives, which can bring a ten-fold performance increase on standard drives, “making them perfect for use as dedicated database SSDs and for other applications where data I/O speeds are critical for performance”.

WiredTree uses Intel Xeon E3 and E5 processors and SuperMicro motherboards.

Host Color Launched Managed Shared Web Hosting

Posted by hosttycoon On July - 20 - 2015

HostColor.com has announced a new small business Managed Web Hosting service, named Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA). According to the company FMSA is an innovative managed web hosting service that makes possible for small business owners to assign the technical administration of their websites, apps and web hosting accounts to Host Color’s Managed support team.

host-color-managed-web-hosting-servicesThe service features: Initial web hosting account technical audit, review, setup and optimization; Uptime monitoring; Computing resource utilization and optimization; Installation and management of premium Website Traffic Analytics; Installation, management and troubleshooting of WordPress based websites and plugins; WordPress website design themes; Installation, technical administration and troubleshooting of all Open Source software applications; Code and debugging; Database, file & email setup management; Security hardening; Domain and DNS management; Routine web hosting acccount maintenance, internal service management and optimization; Troubleshooting and Online business consulting.

FMSA service includes “up to 4 hours” management service, and according to Host Color, “saves a lot of time and financial resources to those SMB owners, who have limited knowledge on website design, coding, CMS, HTML and virtual hosting account management”. The Management service comes with four (4) different management levels, starting with “FMSA Light,” a basic service that applies to “Managed WordPress Hosting” and “Managed Blog Hosting” plans and includes one hour of technical administration per month.

“As more businesses go for virtualized instances instead of using physical dedicated servers, Managed Hosting refers now a bundle of computing resources, SaaS (Software as a service) and system administration services, specified in a certain IT Hosting service agreement. Back in 2000, when Host Color has started as web hosting provider, the Internet world was quite easy to understand. There were no software automation tools or those available were very few and immature. Ten years ago, all IT operations required certain skill set. The web hosting industry has changed a lot within the last decade, however. Many software automation products have been introduced on the market. They have simplified the process of designing, managing and supporting websites and applications at provider’s end. The software automation has also made the web business management very complex at user’s end. With thousands of software technologies available on the market, in each and every IT niche, and with the computer industry constantly pushing for new products, it is virtually impossible for most people to make informed decisions, even when it comes to simple website or app project,” explains Host Color’s VP of Operations Martin Andreev.

According to him the complexity of today’s dot-com business management and the opportunity to increase client base, were the main reasons for Host Color to switch from “Unmanaged” to “Managed Web Hosting.”

The web hosting provider has previously announced that it has made available to all Colocation, Dedicated Server and VPS customers, a network analytics platform named Network Performance Monitoring & Traffic Analyzer (NPMTA). It allows Host Color’s customers to analyze bandwidth usage, monitor business critical applications and network utilization. They can also monitor data transfer usage by: application, user, protocol and location.

GoDaddy Offers Free Renewals For Greek Customers

Posted by hosttycoon On July - 20 - 2015

One of the biggest domain registrars and web hosts GoDaddy has announced that it started renewing expiring web hosting subscriptions of its Greek customers free of charge. The company says it wants to help them keep afloat, sticking to a “business-as-usual situation”. The company said in a statement that”

godaddy-greek-renewalsIn response to the current banking situation in Greece, GoDaddy launched an automatic renewal program for all its Greek customers. The program covers the entire GoDaddy product suite including domains, web hosting, e-commerce platforms and will automatically renew Greek businesses whose subscriptions are up for renewal this month and who have ‘auto-renew’ checked on their account. The products and services that automatically renew have their costs covered by GoDaddy.

According to the national statistics more than half of businesses in Greece are either home business or micro-enterprises with few employees. Godly also says in its statement that:

“A website and digital presence is not just a prerequisite for doing business. For an SMB, it’s also a criteria for survival. We simply can’t accept that our customers in Greece will cease to exist as a consequence of the banking system shutdown. Helping our customers in any way, particularly in these tough circumstances is a moral obligation. Every subscription with auto-renewal will be extended to ensure their online presence will continue, supporting their businesses and families.”

GoDaddy will extend only services which have the auto-renewal option activated.

GoDaddy has grown a lot through aggressive marketing and advertising, with Super Bowl ads among one of its most successful advertising campaign, that helped the company to achieve a global recognition.