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How To Advertise in B10WH.com?

Posted by The Daw On March - 7 - 2009

web-hosting-ad-spaceB10WH.com is part of Business Address, a publishing network that serves  Web Hosting, Web Design and Development, SEO industries. We offer you an opportunity to feature your graphic and text ads in a group of websites that publish quality content. Please note that non of our media sites and directories claim to be “Best”, “Top” or extraordinary.

You will not see us to claim anyone’s business as “best one” only because we got one as advertiser. If you want your company to be described with superlatives, B10WH is not the right place to advertise.

However B10WH.com is the write place for you if you want to be honest and to open your business and to show the consumers how you do web hosting. If you believe that your web hosting business has a certain advantages which makes it different, we will speak to you and to promote your company. See the advertising opportunities we offer!

Banner Advertising

468×60 (All pages): This banner appears on the top right side of the web hosting media. We rotate up to 3 banners on this position. The price to feature your banner there is $85/month.

468×60 (Article pages): You can feature your ad below each article in B10WH. We display 2 banners on this position. The price is $55/month.

650×120 (Home page): This is our featured position. It give you 100% visibility and attracts the attention of any of our website visitors. It costs $350/month to get featured there (3 banners on rotation).

125×125 (All pages): This a square banner that displays on the right side of each page at B10WH. Its is priced at $110/month.

Text Links Advertising

Text Link (All pages): Some people still buy link for SEO purposes. If you are one of them, you can get an excellent results, when featuring your text listing at the right side bar of B10WH. the text link will display in all pages. The price is $150/month. Sign up for B10WH Text Link.

Contextual Advertising

PR Articles: Sure we publish Press releases and promotional articles, BUT we mark them as promotional and say this very clear to our readers. You can place a 300x 300 pixels image in your PR article, that will cost $155 one time fee!