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GoDaddy Offers Free Renewals For Greek Customers

Posted by hosttycoon On July - 20 - 2015

One of the biggest domain registrars and web hosts GoDaddy has announced that it started renewing expiring web hosting subscriptions of its Greek customers free of charge. The company says it wants to help them keep afloat, sticking to a “business-as-usual situation”. The company said in a statement that”

godaddy-greek-renewalsIn response to the current banking situation in Greece, GoDaddy launched an automatic renewal program for all its Greek customers. The program covers the entire GoDaddy product suite including domains, web hosting, e-commerce platforms and will automatically renew Greek businesses whose subscriptions are up for renewal this month and who have ‘auto-renew’ checked on their account. The products and services that automatically renew have their costs covered by GoDaddy.

According to the national statistics more than half of businesses in Greece are either home business or micro-enterprises with few employees. Godly also says in its statement that:

“A website and digital presence is not just a prerequisite for doing business. For an SMB, it’s also a criteria for survival. We simply can’t accept that our customers in Greece will cease to exist as a consequence of the banking system shutdown. Helping our customers in any way, particularly in these tough circumstances is a moral obligation. Every subscription with auto-renewal will be extended to ensure their online presence will continue, supporting their businesses and families.”

GoDaddy will extend only services which have the auto-renewal option activated.

GoDaddy has grown a lot through aggressive marketing and advertising, with Super Bowl ads among one of its most successful advertising campaign, that helped the company to achieve a global recognition.